Lynn Project Update



First, I'm so excited for how beautiful this house is going to be. 

Second, it is A LOT of work. 

I'm having to remind myself how amazing this investment is pretty consistently. I'm definitely struggling without a home base, but the process is fun and exciting, and I'm so confident in the location. 

Here's what has been done so far: 

  • Foundation replaced

  • Floor joists replaced

  • Interior walls demo-ed

  • Junk hauled

  • Bathrooms demo-ed

  • Partially framed (framing done this week!)

  • Chainlink fence removed

  • French doors installed in place of front door

  • New windows purchased - installation this week!

Alan and I have been living mostly in our Gonzales house, but have been hopping around since we airbnb it as well. I definitely thought we would be further along at this point. Living out of a suitcase and my car is getting pretty old, but I keep my sights set on this beautiful house-to-be. 


To do: 

  • Finish framing

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Flooring

  • Kitchen

  • Bathrooms

  • HVAC tune up


  • Roof replaced

  • Siding replaced

  • Front patio area BEAUTIFUL