Updates + Headshot Happy Hour with Paige Newton

We are almost 1/12 done with 2018 and  it's been the best start to a year yet. I'm energized, enthusiastic and focused. My scope is narrowed in on growth, happiness and freedom. With a relatively clear path, all it's taken is some tightening up of systems and a commitment to self care for the happiest and most productive 3 weeks. I hope yours is the same! 

Real Estate InvestingUpdates: 

  • Our Round Rock rental is renovated and fully rented! Our first mortgage is due on the 1st Of February and I'm happy to say that we have more than enough reserve to cover any maintenance issues that pop up on top of our mortgage! Blog post on the reno and rental of this property coming soon!

  • My mom, my uncle and I have a couple offers in on some multi-family properties in San Antonio. We plan on buying with private money loans and then renovating, renting out and then refinancing. This is known as the BRRR method by the Bigger Pockets community.

  • My two badass real estate investor friends, Kristina & Richelle and I have been meeting on Sundays (2 in a row now!) to talk about our real estate goals and our actionable steps. This week, we created our net worth spreadsheets & we'll be holding each other accountable for taking steps toward increasing our net worth. (okay, nerd alert, but we're all very into it)

  • I'm in the process creating and fine-tuning personal systems to make sure appointments aren't missed, deadlines are met and contracts are executed with fidelity + I have time to spend with Alan and friends

  • I started doing some contract educational consulting and research for Eduphoria, an educational technology company based in Austin. This isn't a real estate update, but it is exciting! Eduphoria is a very impressive company and I love maintaining my connection to education

One of my favorite days of 2018, so far, was a 'headshot happy hour', put together by my new friend Celeste. Along with Richelle and Kristina, my favorite lady real estate investor enthusiasts, we drank pink wine and faced the awkward task of posing for headshots. Honestly, I expected myself to be a lot more nervous and slouchy. Wine helped, I'm sure, but I was so pleased with the photos that it was hard to choose. MINUS my awkward dinosaur arms....The final edits are below!

Before you look though, I want to extend a challenge to you: figure out your net worth! Even if it may be negative right now, figure out a way to increase your net worth slowly. Talk to me if you want help with your net worth spreadsheet. 

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