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Happy Memorial Day ! My step dad is retired Air Force, so a special thanks to all y'all (past and present) working hard out there for the good ole U S of A. For your Memorial Day viewing pleasure, above is the Austin Airbnb bathroom where my moms stayed this weekend. It was so dreamy, and pretty DIY. I loved it. 

As you know, I think real estate and finances are VERY intertwined. In my mind, Being real estate savvy is being financially savvy and being financially savvy is being real estate savvy. SO - I devour everything real estate and everything financial.

I'm obsessed with listening to learn. I know what I know because of the auditory research I've done. I wanted to share my favorite financial/real estate reads and listens because this is where I started. Before I bought an investment property, I was feverishly listening to podcasts and audiobooks and my mindset slowly shifted toward going after exactly what I wanted, no limits.  Here are some of my most influential reads and listens. If you're wanting to get into real estate investing or even just get your money in order, these are my favs! 

bigger pockets podcast.jpg

Bigger Pockets Podcast

I'd like to credit a lot of my investing knowledge and mindset to Bigger Pockets. Bigger Pockets started as the first real online community for real estate investors and has grown into podcasts, forums, legal forms, real estate calculators etc. 

I listen to their real estate investing podcast religiously. The hosts are ever-so-dorky and sometimes heavy-handed, but the information is so relevant and important. If you're looking to get into real estate investing, this is a must-listen. 

bigger pockets money.jpeg

Bigger Pockets Money Podcast

Since real estate and financial literacy are so intertwined (see??), Bigger Pockets has recently come out with a podcast focused on financial freedom and early retirement, not necessarily through real estate. If you're just getting started on your financial journey, this is where I recommend that you begin. I've listened to every episode, but some  are a bit too frugal-minded for me (I'm all about that ABUNDANCE = MAKE MORE $$$)

Set For Life by Scott Trench

This is my last Bigger Pockets plug, but it's an exceptional read for people who are just getting started on achieving financial freedom. This one is a bit more technical and gets into the details on just how to improve your finances from day 1. 

Scott Trench is in his mid-twenties and has mastered the art of finances through real estate and more. He doesn't own a thousand units, but he is systematically growing his net worth through investing.

As someone who is literally never sitting still, I recommend buying the audio version. It felt doubly productive as I was working out or working on my house AND listening to Scott tell me how to improve my financial house. 


Bravely Go!

My friend, Kara, has some AMAZING financial education resources. She answers questions on her instagram story about finances, credit, savings and paying off debt. She has a wild student loan pay-off story and is fighting the good fight for women (and men) who want to educate themselves on their finances. 

She is based in Austin, but works with people nation-wide. If you find yourself in Austin, You should attend one of her awesome events.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by RObert Kiyosaki

THIS BOOK. Rich Dad Poor Dad is every investors favorite read for a good reason. In contract to Set For Life, this book is more of a mindset shifter. It approaches investing from a broad lens, but is still actionable.

Just like everything real estate/investing related, this book is not hip or sexy. I listened to this audio-book not once, not twice, but THRICE. This book should be required reading in high school or in college or SOMEWHERE. READ/LISTEN!

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller

For the more serious investors or the aspiring investors, this book goes into exactly how to build your business and how to reach a million dollars by working backward. As a teacher, this book really appealed to my backward planning sensibility, which I also apply to goal-setting. 

I listening to this one twice and I recommend it to anyone looking to acquire more properties without getting overwhelmed by the process. This book is by Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty. He started as a realtor and followed the somewhat natural progression into investing. He's a very smart business person and while I don't aspire to be just like him, I can appreciate his savvy. Game recognizes game, right?



Happy reading + listening!

Special shout out to my little sister who graduate from high school this weekend. She's precious and I can't wait for her to start her next (out-of-state) adventure at Western State Colorado University. Love you, Kat!